The activity is open for everyone! The Taxi Boat will pick you up directly at your Hotel Beach if you reside in Grand Bay (Péreybère Beach also possible). The board is connected by a hose to a powerful water pump, creating a water jet that will either send you soaring into the air or gently hovering above the water. You can choose to handle the equipment based on your preference; be it low and comfortable or high and extreme. The instructor controls the equipment, which in turn lets you freely focus on keeping your balance and manoeuvring the board. It is relatively easy to master the basics of the Flyn’Dive, as it was observed that most of those who tested it for the first time began to fly in just a few minutes. Learn how to steer and control your elevation, as well as perform graceful landings.

A very enthusiastic team will greet and prepare you for your adventure. Before starting the activity, you will be given full guidanceof the experience ahead, whereby the certified and experienced instructors will explain how to handle the board. All the required tips and safety guidelines will be provided, in order to make sure that you
will enjoy your adventure to the maximum.  You might even get to practice some tricks or simple stunts. Just imagine the rush of being able to burst out of the clear water and fly up seemingly without gravity, where you will get to witness the glorious beauty of Grand Bay.  You can enjoy this amazing feeling of gravity less flying without
learning it by your own, when you choose to fly in Tandem with your experienced flight instructor. Your family or friends can accompany you to take pictures, only being spectator it’s fun and exciting.

During the activity at sea, you will have to wear the swim vest which will be provided in different sizes between XS and XXXL. The swim vest and the board will let you float easily on the sea ensuring your safety.

At the end of your session, you will head back to the point of embarkation and check out. The team will ensure that you will have an unforgettable, sensational experience full of exciting emotions and memories.

Weight restrictions:
Maximum weight, Fly boarder: 140kg
Maximum weight, Tandem flight: 65kg

Minimum Age: Above 12 years old for Flight Package or above 6 years old for Tandem Package.

Photo session

Normal Price: MUR 500


around 30 photos and videos


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