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Elite Voyage provides the finest quality activities in Mauritius as well as accommodations and transfers with a superior level of service.

We offer experiences that cater for the highest level of customer satisfaction with respect to local touring, travel, luxury retailing, languages and management plus personal services to high-net-worth individuals.

Our infrastructure and the sheer willingness to thrive in a highly competitive industry have shaped the position of Elite Voyage in the Mauritius Destination.

We have proven over time with our wealth of expertise, our reliability and with our selected business partners that we excelled on touring activities and in designing the ideal itinerary of our Clientele.

Fishing boat Rodman-1250 «Volga»



The boat, developed in Spain by special request, came to the history of Rodman Company as the most equipped boat. Packaging arrangement includes: survival chair, outriggers, central rigger, two electric downriggers, 3 tune tubes, bait box, powerful echo-sounding device with diverse sensors and finding fish function, night fishing illumination, underwater camera and big variety of equipment.

Boat construction allows fishing along the full length. The variety of equipment allows to notice fish in a time and to take necessary action. There are the most modern tackle on the boat: trolling, bottomfishing, jigging, casting, bating, deep sea fishing- all the activities have no analogue in Mauritius.
Worth saying, there is a full set of bait, hooks, spikes and belts.

Option range is not only numerous but fully justified, which gives the boat special Grand!


Security and comfort guarantee are the most important boat terms/conditions. So, in order to provide both of the terms, the boat is equipped with airconditioner,2 GPS, Satellite communication, water distiller, generator, solar battery, Ice Maker, Life Tag system, full household appliance set, inflatable motor boat. The range of equipment allows both one day fishing and far long fishing trips

Half day fishing on Volga Rodman Fisher Pro1250

Inclusive of Sandwiches & beverages

Sandwiches (chicken/tuna/ sausage/cheese), fruits, fresh salads

Drinks: water, juices, soft beverages, Phoenix beer and South African wine (rose and white) and Green Island rum

Heritage and Religion



The Mauritian plurality in its entire splendor awaits you in its historical and cultural capital, Port Louis. A town where the most diverse architectures stand next to one another.

The Jummah mosque leaves no one indifferent and so does the Kailasson a place of lively piety and devotion.

A panoramic view at Marie Reine de la Paix enables one to see the contours and architectural reliefs of the city. / Lunch at Leisure

Mahebourg, an immersion inside creole culture!



Mahébourg, a village with vibrant authenticity and a fishing culture opens the door of its naval museum, its 140 year old biscuit factory, its marine park and its park harboring a protected fauna and flora.

To reach the place you will travel on the southeast slope overlooking the largest lagoon of the island, full of historical facts. You taste buds will be surprised by our most typical dishes ranging from the traditional gateaux arouilles to sea urchins … You will also rediscover the magic of bygone customs at the ‘Manioc’ Biscuit factory, which is unique in the world.  Since its establishment in 1870, the biscuits are still manufactured by handicraft method.  Deep in the heart of a small suburb of Mahébourg, at the end of a narrow road winding its way between plantations of manioc and sugar cane fields, the Biscuiterie H. Rault perpetuates a tradition over 125 years old.  Since 1870 this family business utilizes a unique handicraft method which was devised by Hilarion Rault, son of a Breton settler, to manufacture manioc biscuits.  The recipe is kept to this day as a precious family treasure.

Lunch at Leisure

Discover the South



2 persons

Trou-aux-Cerfs, a crater which recalls the volcanic era is the starting point of a road trip towards the south which in turn will relate to you its story via places like Ganga Talao, the sacred lake, the national parc of ecological character, its various panoramas and the village of Chamarel, one of the birth places of creole culture, inherited from a past tending towards the vegetal.

This places also holds within its boundaries the colored earth, whose dunes offers various tones and shades of ocre, grey, violet and brown, all bearing natural chemical traits.

Lunch at Leisure

Mauritius - A Patchwork



2 persons

Port Louis, homeland to our ancestors, has emerged from its port before giving birth to a population. The Aapravasi Ghat, UNESCO Heritage opens its doors to you and so do the Asian market and its joyful chaos.

The high plateau and its fresh air will then bring you to the discovery of its valleys and agricultural land that tells the story of Mauritius and its relationship with the soil.

You will be accompanied by a guide / Lunch at leisure




Option 1 – BBQ lunch

Option 1 – BBQ lunch

Pastries, juice, fruits, tea and coffee are offered in the morning

Food: grilled fish, sausages, chicken and prawn skewers

Served with: bread, salad, potato salad, rice salad

Dessert: seasonal fruits salad or flambéed banana & chocolate

Beverages: water, juice, soft drinks, beer, Mauritian rum, South African wines (rose and white), tea & coffee

PRICE 64 euro per person




Option 2 – BBQ lunch

Option 2 – BBQ lunch

Pastries, juice, fruits, tea and coffee are offered in the morning

Food: grilled fish, giant prawns, assorted salad and lobster

Served with: potato salad,

Dessert: seasonal fruits salad

Beverages: Mauritian rum Green Island, South African wines (rose and white),coffee

PRICE 80 euro per person

CREATED TO BE CELEBRITY… The unique catamaran Sadko was built by special request in France in 2011, available for freight in Mauritius. The masterpiece Lagoon 500 were developed by the project of Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prevost, famous designers and owners of awards for creating multihull “winners” (in 2004 catamarans, projected by these designers won the first four places in prestigious regatta English Transatlantic race).
EACH DETAIL EXPRESSES FREEDOM… Cabins are very spacious with the high top design. Catamaran planning/orientation is made in the most convenient way and wholly suited to holidays of the most demanding clients.



Half day trip to See Dolphins for 2 persons

Departure from West Island Resort

From 09h00 to 14h00


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